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Conveyancing refers to the laws around the buying and selling of property, which can be complex. At Gateway Law Chambers we help clients get the house they want with no complications to ensure that the change over of the property is a smooth process for them. We have extensive knowledge and expertise in the area of property law and we work with domestic clients.

We provide advice and assistance across all areas of property law, including:

Domestic Properties
Joint Tenancy
Farm Transfers & Agricultural Land

We have over three decades of experience in property law. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Gateway Law Chambers pride ourselves on delivering a comprehensive conveyancing service, which includes examination of the contract and title deeds, providing advice on stamp duty, liaising with the Revenue Commissioner, Land Registry Office and the Bank on the client’s behalf, liaising with the solicitor for the other party and ensuring that all title deeds are held safely at the end of the transaction.

Gateway Law Chambers

If you have any queries regarding the area of conveyancing, don’t hesitate to contact us. At Gateway Law Chambers we are always happy to provide friendly and practical advice and support.

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